Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Feature Artist : Danielle Favorite

Danielle M.G. Favorite, 24

Lake Michigan College 2009 & Western Michigan University 2011, English with Creative Writing concentration

Current work: Editorial account associate at MLive Media Group/The Kalamazoo Gazette & Writer at Kzoo Music Scene

An original Piece by Danielle...

there is something delicate
about a moths' wing under
microscope light,

like flossing a heartbeat between
                              your teeth.

little moth, little moth,
           I weep for you

with tears untouched by sun or hand.

trade bodies with me:
        learn to speak with fingers

and I'll crawl, one-winged,
off the window sill.

A Little More About Danielle…

Favorite word- luminescent

Previous work can be found in Echolocation, Short and Twisted, The Laureate and Encore. Was featured in the poetry collection, Where but beneath the soil.
First book of poetry, Meraki, can be purchased through Amazon (click the link!)

Member of Sigma Tau Delta (international honors English society) and was featured on a poetry panelist during a Sigma Tau Delta English Studies Conference.
The bones that comprise the body of Danielle’s beautiful words-
I write to not only be my own moonlit voice, but the voice of others, for someone to read one of my poems and think, “yes!, This is me! This is how it feels!”
I love breaking the fourth wall in a poem—gently, or sometimes more aggressively, grabbing the reader’s hand and directly connecting with them. 
My writing is greatly influenced by Sylvia Plath; I relate to her very well.  Moon imagery is prominent as well as a strong female voice.  I often write from one of the three feminine auras I feel: One is the strong mermaid, the other a fragile girl who represents who I was, and the other is more of a mystery.  I write about my struggles with depression, my yearning for something more, my sense of personal empowerment and emotive experiences with love.