Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Feature Artist - Cassandra Verhaegen

We took a little break in May, but we're back with a new and exquisite feature artist...

Cassandra Ellyse Verhaegen, 18
University of Chicago, 2017, Comparative Human Development & Arabic minor
personal blog can be found at scribblingintobowls.tumblr.com

An original piece by Cassandra...


Instead of watching his angels drop, this year it's teeth, falling from heaven to land in fleshy dirt, pinning litter to soil or lightning to the ground that forces it to dissipate. God is not sure what's happened, only that Lucifer's open mouth looks like the sun. Lucifer's mouth looks like the sun while the white-robed bare strips of gum that haven't seen light since Mary fixed them their first meal.

Heaven has a surplus of toothpaste and the world has a surplus of stickers whose backs have run out of adhesive and in hell there are cracks of light where the teeth have grown roots and exposed the earth to the broken. God keeps his door locked because he does not own a dentist's chair.

On the eighth day he forgot about doctors and instead prescribed songs swindled out of alleyways and soft shoots just tipping their cheeks from the dirt.

A bit more about Cassandra...

Favorite word(s)-
bleak or inchoate

The bones that comprise the body of Cassandra’s beautiful work-
I write because I like it; because it is a way of emptying myself before I get too full without truly emptying--or erasing--myself. I write for organization, for posterity, for history, for exploring flaws and the world, for watching the dynamism of characters and humanity. When I write I don't slip on my words, rather they effortlessly create a backbone I strive to achieve through speech.