Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Feature Artist: Nicholas McGuire

Nicholas McGuire, 18
Kenyon College, 2017, English/Creative Writing
personal writing blog can be found at

Photo Credit: Katie Lovins

An original piece by Nicholas...

Above culminates hope, and gives
face to a faceless,   uniformed      being, pissing on
        an internal locus, which is not necessary

if you follow his right hand.

Below resides as Western culture, a pyramid
rising     eternally, collecting each birth      with a brush
of ash on forehead that can never be cleaned,
      not even with hope.

We announce our presence as the floor,
     brandy spilled,    pink skin devoured—I shall call us
miracles, if allowed—marks like phosphorescence that glow
        if lived in light long enough, and little deaths
slept off. Dreams flag up, halfway, hoping not to (survive, become necessary, promulgate).

But each man becomes     ceiling light bulbs,
 climbing     over shadowy dusks, raising up (rising up) faces,
and each asks      forgiveness to come    painfully;
we all deserve the pain—He makes no promises, as angels all wear shirts
that show necks.

A little more about Nicholas...

Favorite Word
I've always been a massive fan of strange words, so my answer to this question changes monthly. However, right now I am most intrigued by the word "naufragio" which literally means "shipwreck," but colloquially it means "a lousy party." Sadly, I've yet to use it in daily conversation.

Accomplishments, Literary Awards
Alumni of the Iowa Young Writers' Studio, Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop

The Bones that comprise the body of Nicholas’s beautiful work- 
I write because I discern my life through writing differently than how I perceive my life in any other medium, and I enjoy and find the most to marvel at in this perception. I enjoy writing about cancer, death, and love, though of course I write about a range of subjects. All of those specific concepts, however, tend to find a way into my poems no matter what I plan to write about.