About Us

Rib Cage Chicago Literary Magazine is an independently run print journal that will be published bi-annually. We showcase poetry and short prose by both emerging and established poets whose pieces are committed to raw emotion, urban flare or anything else that intrigues from the start. Art and expression in the written form are the heartbeat and breath of the city and we are the rib cage that surrounds them.

Editors In Chief
Dana Lee Alsamsam   &    Emily Joe Watterson

Dana, 18, studies English at DePaul
Univeristy and trains in dance at various
 studios in the city of Chicago.  She dedicates
 much of her time to reading and writing poetry;
some of her inspirations are Sylvia Plath and 
e.e. Cummings. Wanderlust has taken her around
the globe to much of  Europe and the Middle East.
She enjoys red wine, caffeine, vinyl records,
dark lipstick and punk music. You'll probably
find her observing everybody else from the 
corner...silently. You can read her writing 
and daily angstymusings at

Emily, 19, studies Communications at DePaul
University and spends most of her time
attempting poetry. You will usually find her,
Ramen noodle cup in hand, scribbling kick-ass
first lines and abandoning them somewhere.
Collector of mason jars, hoarder of Polaroids,
black coffee enthusiast. For a girl who takes
things much too seriously, she is contrarily almost
always telling tall tales or hysterically laughing
(at herself) until she (regrettably) snorts.
Check out her monotonous dark vintage blog at


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  1. I see you both at an upscale party in a loft or gallery, one knocking drinks over while the other fades into the decor taking mental snapshots of an alien world. The introvert and the extrovert building a house of words, inviting from the outside but with more to see in the basement than anywhere else. Good luck ladies with the magazine. - Astro