At Rib Cage, we want the pieces that you have poured your entire self into with raw images and devastating characters. We like interesting line breaks, captivating diction and taking risks with style or formatting. We want poems or prose that take us to new places, leave us with burning questions or shocking answers, expose closed scars and open wounds, put a story in our mouth and force us to swallow. It is a bonus if they were written about, inspired by or written in the city of Chicago, but we are open to work from anywhere, inspired by anything, as long as it intrigues us from the start. If you think you have a piece of poetry or prose that fits this description, please submit. 

We are currently accepting submissions from January 6th to March 31st!

Submission Guidelines
  • submit 1-6 poems or short prose pieces
  • please be sure your name is nowhere on the document that you attach on submittable (do include your name in the cover letter) 
  • please send all submissions single spaced, readable font, 11-12 point
  • please send a cover letter with your submission which you will paste in the field provided on submittable. this letter should include the titles of your pieces and a biographical statement
  • we do not accept previously published work (it's okay if it is only published on a blog)
  • we encourage simultaneous submissions, but please inform us if your work has been accepted elsewhere
  • we suggest you visit our poetry samples page prior to submitting to assure that your work will be a good fit in our magazine. 
  • all submissions should go through the submittable page (link above); you may email us with questions, but do not send submissions via email. 
  • we will get back to you within a month.
  • we are not in a place to compensate our writers at the moment, but you will receive a complimentary contributors copy if your work is admitted to the magazine.

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